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Inada - 3S Medical Massage Chair

Inada - 3S Medical Massage Chair

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Medical Massage Chair HCP-S878.

New! Coming soon to Canada. Not yet available for sale - see the Fusion 3S, Dreamwave, and Duet.

The INADA Medical Massage Chair's smart optical detecting system detects acupoints and treats them effectively. More than just massage instead, this chair precisely locates acupoints according to body shape. The deep massage of acupoints embodies the absolute top quality experience and technology that INADA is famous for. The ultimate relaxing experience.

Product Notes:

12 Acupoints - Through up-down and rubbing actions, these "12 Acupoints" are designed to strengthen the overall feeling of acupressure. The acupoints are of the same size as an actual thumb.

Ultimate Materials - The headrest is designed in the most comfortable shape possible. Soft leather is used for fingertip pans INADA pursues a philosophy of 'quality in detail', therefore, a mere touch is an excellent representation of its maximum comfort.

Seat Surface Airbag Functionality - A stable and reliable massage is achieved through a squeezing action, which is felt between the seat surface airbag and the heart.

When the chair is reclined, a stable and reliable stretch between the waist and hip is possible.

Limb Warming Functionality - This chair is able to warm the tips of the fingers and toes, parts of the body that are usually the first to get cold, relaxing these parts from the inside out.


Included Information

Inada Product Model Name: HCP-S878
Outer Layer: Material Synthetic Leather
Angle of Inclination: 115°-165° to the level surface
Accessories: AC Power cord, acupressure sole pads (L/R), 2 acupressure plates, remote control bag, L-shaped spanner.
Size & Weight:The length is about 135 cm and the weight is about 74 kg.