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Innovia - Hands-Free Paper Towel Dispenser

Innovia - Hands-Free Paper Towel Dispenser

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Info: Countertop (Vertical) Models

Shipping included in Canada. Maybe you have your hands full with a new baby. Or maybe you're experiencing decreased mobility. Or maybe you're simply tired of the finicky paper towel dispensers that you have to hold with one hand and yank, often knocking over the stand or dirtying unused parts of the paper towel in the process. Whatever your situation, Innovia's Automatic Paper Towel Dispensers are here to help! Simply load it with any standard-size roll of paper towel, wave your hand in front of the infrared sensor and - voilà! - one-handed paper towel dispensing is just that easy!

Product Notes:

a Vertical Innovia Paper Towel Dispenser with a Silver coloured finish, in use

Wishing you could use your convenient Innovia kitchen towel dispenser in other rooms of your house? No worries; the vertical countertop version of the Innovia paper towel dispenser, as shown here, is portable and has a handle on top for use anywhere in your home or wherever your cleaning needs take you!

Take too much paper? Innovia has you covered. The Innovia hands-free paper towel dispenser uses smart technology to retract any unused paper so it can stay clean and fresh inside the sanitary housing until you need paper towel again. Then, just wave your hand...


Meet Innovia Hand-Free Paper Towel Dispenser!

Learn how easy it is to load and operate.


Countertop (portable) Model

Choose from three colours: silver (store code 19319), red (19321), and black (19320).

Dimensions: 8" wide x 10.5" deep x 14" high.

Weight: 4.9 lbs., 2.24 kg.

Towel Size: Virtually any regular size paper towel roll for the home. Please note the unit will not accept rolls with diameters greater than 6.5".

DC Power: 4 D batteries (not included).

AC Power: 120V adapter is included with the unit.

Product Options:
Silver - $129.99
Red - $129.99
Black - $129.99