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iQ Cleaner Refill Cartridges

iQ - Eco Smart Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner Refill Cartridges

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Info: 9.8 ml Cartridge; Available in One Type; Limited Quantity Remaining

Info: 9.8 ml Cartridge; Available in One Type; Limited Quantity Remaining

iQ Refill cartridges help reduce your environmental carbon footprint. Re-use bottles, reducing waste and cost, and use highly concentrated refill cartridges to save money and reduce environmental impact. A 9.8 ml refill cartridge yields 700 ml of cleaning solution when mixed with water.

Refills for use with iQ reusable bottles. Your choice of Bathroom or Floor Cleaner cartridges.

Product Notes:

Awarded in 2010 with "Best Green Packaging" by GREEN AWARDS, iQ eco-smart cleaning products enable consumers to clean consciously with a clean conscience. Using iQ's line of eco-friendly products with re-usable bottles results in a reduction in packaging waste by 80% and a reduction in carbon footprint by 70%.


All-Purpose Cleaner: Coconut derived surfactant, glycine-based chelating agent, baking soda, potassium hydrate, fragrance, colour, and water.

Bathroom Cleaner: Coconut derived surfactant, sugar-based acid, fragrance, and colour.

Glass Cleaner and Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner: Corn and coconut derived surfactants, fragrance, colour, and water.

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Suggested Usage:

Use Refill cartridge only with iQ sprayer and bottle. Keep away from heat. Keep from freezing.


Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest. In case of contact with eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes.

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