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IQAir - Replacement Filters and Cartridges

IQAir - Replacement Filters and Cartridges

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Info: IQAir Replacement Filters in Canada

Please note, our in-store stock is currently limited to the IQAir Replacement GC Cartridges (VOC).

SAVE 5% -- For all other IQAir replacement filters, cartridges, and parts, please visit our partner retailer where you can save 5% when you use the discount code 'AVIVA5.' Here you'll find all the items for your IQAir air purifier outlined below, including the replacement Post Filter Sleeves 260-F8 for use with the GC VOC cartridges.

Product Notes:

Replacements for the IQAir GC Series

an IQAir Replacement GC Post-Filter Sleeve

Replacement IQAir Post-Filter Sleeves (260-F8) (Set of 4)

For use on the outside of the GC Cartridges in the GC Gas Series and Dental Series, the purpose of this filter is to control fine and ultra-fine particulate matter by eliminating activated carbon and chemisorption abrasion particles through a charged fiber structure.

Media type: Electrostatically charged fiber.
Surface area: 5.4 sq. ft. (0.5 m²).
Average filter life: Approximately 2.5 years (based on average daily usage of 10 hours on Speed 3).

an IQAir GC HEPA pre-filter

Replacement IQAir GC Pre-Filter (H11S)

For use with IQAir GC Gas Series and Dental Series from, this is actually a 98% efficient HEPA-type filter which can remove both large and small particles, but unlike most of those, it can even be vacuumed. To maximize its useful life (which averages up to 18 months on the New Editions), it's best to use it in conjunction with with the PF-40 Coarse Dust Kit, which takes care of the larger particulates.

Photo of an IQAir Multigas GC Cartridge, type P260

IQAir MultiGas (GC) Gas Cartridges - (260 IA/4-AC/4) (Set of 4)

These replacement cartridges for the MultiGas GC air purifier contain up to 17 pounds of activated carbon and other media each for adsorption and pelletized chemisorption, to eliminate VOCs responsible for odours and to destroy harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde via an oxidation process inside chemically active alumina pellets.

Photo of an IQAir GC Cartridge, type 260 AC

IQAir AM (GC) Gas Cartridges (260 AC/4-AM) (Set of 4)

For those who wish to control an ongoing influx of ammonia and ammonia compounds in particular, these filters, which are exclusively for use with the GC series devices, also contain up to 17 pounds of extruded impregnated activated carbon. Please note, these need to be used in conjunction with the Post-filter sleeves (260-F8).

For the IQAir HealthPro Series

an IQAir PreMax Pre-Filter

IQAir Premax Pre-Filter

For use with the HealthPro Plus, HealthPro, or HealthPro Compact Units from IQAir, this 2-stage pleated pre-filter element is located at the bottom of the machine, and is designed to remove the largest particulates (55% removal at 0.3µm) -- the visible ones, like dust, mold spores and powder -- and to collect pet hairs and carpet fibres that may have become airborne. It typically lasts 18 months on the New Edition units, and can be vacuumed to remove the visible "fuzz". The stacked housing elements are held together by two locking arms that hook into the diffuser; replacement instructions included.

an IQAir Hyper HEPA Filter

Replacement HyperHEPA Filter

Suitable for use with either the HealthPro, HealthPro Plus, or HealthPro Compact Units from IQAir, this cleanroom grade (H12/H13) HEPA filter element provides excellent mechanical filtration to eliminate both fine and ultrafine particles (including bacteria!). It is 99.99% effective at removing particulates at 0.3 microns, and is even 99.5% effective at capturing particulates a hundred times smaller than that (0.003 microns), so it's perfect for removing allergens such as smoke or even the smallest forms of pet dander, for example. It can last four years on the New Edition units.

an IQAir V5 Cell Gas/Odor Filter

Replacement IQAir V5 Cell Gas/Odor Filter

For use with the Health Pro Plus (but NOT the HealthPro Compact model), the V-5 Cell with Dual Filtration Technology was IQAir's most advanced gas and odor filter when it came out. It provides both Granular Activated Carbon Adsorption, to eliminate the volatile organic compounds (VOC) which are responsible for odors, and Pelletized Chemisorption, to destroy harmful chemical vapors such as formaldehyde by an oxidation process inside a chemically active alumina pellet. This is 5 lbs of the good stuff, found in the GC MultiGas units. It typically lasts two years, but that can vary widely, depending on what it is contending with.