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ISI - Profi Whip Cream Dispenser
Diagram of parts for head of iSi Cream Profi Whip Cream Dispenser
5 panel photo of steps for using iSi Cream Profi Whip Cream Dispenser

ISI - Profi Whip Cream Dispenser

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Info: Stainless Steel Body

This whipping device from the Austrian company iSi consists of a stainless steel canister capped with a lid, lever, and dispensing tip that's designed for efficiently producing and serving fresh whipped cream, flavoured cream, or other foods using small cylinders of nitrous oxide to introduce the exact amount of gas needed. This method can yield up to twice as much whipped cream from the same quantity of liquid compared to other methods (such as beaters) and greatly reduce the fat content and calorie count per serving.

Product Notes:

The Profi Whip Cream Dispenser is a professional grade, NSF-certified model that can stand up to commercial use in ice cream parlors, coffee houses, or pastry shops (but is only designed for cold preparations, not for creating rapid infusions of hot soups, e.g.), but would also be a hit in large households or for those who host parties.


The iSi Cream Profi Whip package includes: a Stainless Steel Canister with a brushed finish (to minimize fingerprints), with a 1 Liter / 1 US Quart Volume Capacity; two Decorator Dispensing Tips (a White Tulip Decorator Tip with stainless steel thread, and a Pearl Straight Decorator Tip with Teeth); a Chrome Holder for the Charger Canisters; a Cleaning Brush; a stainless steel Head/Lid, which has a dispensing Lever, and a protective silicone grip; a removable stainless steel Head Valve; a Head Gasket; and a Stopper (not shown: it's a wedge that fits under the lever to prevent accidental discharges if it gets bumped). Most if not all of these parts are dishwasher safe. An Instructional manual/recipe booklet for the iSi Profi Whip Cream Dispenser is also included (which is available for download as a PDF here at the link just given), and it all comes in a 13.5 X 4 X 4 inch box, which weighs 2.2 pounds. There is a Two Year Warranty, from iSi.

The unit operates with iSi Cream Charger canisters (which are not included), which are made of recyclable steel. Each standard charger bottle contains 7.5 g of pure nitrous oxide food propellant, which can make up to 1 pint of liquid. They retail for about $1 each (or less - depending on the quantity bought). Or, for a greater yield, ISI now make Professional Chargers, as well, which contain 8.4 g of N2O per canister, so as they explain, a restaurant or café that could top 30 beverages using 2 ounces of whipped cream in a 1-L Whipper like this with standard chargers would be able to top 36 drinks with the Professional versions. The Professional Chargers also produce better results when whipping up lower fat creams, or non-dairy foods such as coconut creams.

Both types are available online from some other retailers (but they should only be shipped by ground -- i.e., by road or by rail, which is why they are not included).

Suggested Usage:

6 Step Directions for using the iSi Whip Cream Dispenser and cream chargers correctly:

Step 0) (Not shown in the third product photo, which shows the others):
Prepare the head / top, by inserting the head gasket into it, and by inserting the dispensing piston / lever into it, and screwing one of the decorator tips onto that dispensing piston (not too tight, but enough to be secure).

Step 1) Pour the chilled liquid to be whipped into the food canister (but not past its fill line), and screw the head onto the bottle so that it is straight, and tighten by hand.

Step 2) Insert an iSi Cream Charger into the Chrome Charge Holder.

Step 3) Screw the charge holder onto the large thread on top (but make sure the decorator tip is screwed on the other thread, first), until you can hear that all of the charger contents have flowed into the whipper.

Step 4a) Shake the whipper vigorously 6 times. Unscrew the charger holder (and recycle the empty charger). A slight hissing noise may be heard when removing the charger holder, which is normal.

Step 4b) Repeat Steps 2 through 4 (the 1 Quart/Liter model uses two chargers to fully pressurize.

Step 5) To dispense, hold the whipper "headfirst" (with the decorator tip facing down vertically), and operate the lever gently. Test the consistency of the contents when the whipper is first used. Test it over a sink or bowl first... if the consistency is still too runny, shake the whipper again.

UPC / Barcode: 9002377017309