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Iwatani - Professional Torch Burner

Iwatani - Professional Torch Burner

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Info: 1 Iwatani Cooking Torch

Info: 1 Iwatani Cooking Torch

Ready to go to the next level in your cooking techniques? Now you're cooking with gas! Sometimes a quick, precisely-controlled application of flames is exactly what's needed, whether as the final touch to desserts like crème brûlée, or to add a bit of that tasty flame-broiled flavour to sous vide or slow-cooked meats. This professional quality cooking torch performs that task admirably, and it's easy to set up and use.

Product Notes:

This Iwatani torch works with an aerosol canister of butane (sold separately - in-store only): simply push it on and twist, to fasten. Then it instantly fires up whenever you want, with its built-in electronic piezo ignition switch/button (like a barbecue lighter), and there are two knobs to adjust either the size of the flame or how much air it mixes with to regulate temperature and spread. The Iwatani CB-TC-PRO kitchen torch fits atop BU-5 or BU-6 butane fuel canisters.

Culinary Torch Specifications:

Dimensions: 7.9 inches long by about 2.25 inches high, with a 0.875 inch outside diameter for the nozzle.

Weight: 0.375 lbs / 5.9 oz

Flame temperature: up to 2,300 F

Energy Consumption: 9,725 BTU/h; which works out to about 7 hours of use per cylinder (if used indoors or at about room temperature).

Suggested Usage:

Creme Brulee; melting cheese for onion soup; caramelizing sugar; finishing meringue; or even just roasting marshmallows / making S'mores.

UPC / Barcode: 022918100115