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Joseph Joseph Edge Dish Brush in grey
Joseph Joseph Edge Dish Brush hanging from counter in a sink
close-up of the ledge Joseph Joseph Edge Brush uses to grip kitchen counter

Joseph Joseph - Edge Dish Brush (With Integrated Sink Rest)

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Info: With Greyish Bristles and Charcoal Handle, as initially pictured

Livin’ on the edge (of the sink), is what the Edge Dish Brush was made for. Conveniently crafted to rest on the counter against the side of the sink, this unique dish brush keeps your counter cleaner by allowing wetness to drip from the bristles into the sink, and eliminates the need for a special holder, reducing clutter. For serious stuck-on residue, simply use the pan-scraping edge on the opposite side. The bristles are made of a non-scratching plastic material.

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UPC / Barcode: 5028420850260