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Joseph Joseph - Rocker Garlic Crusher

Joseph Joseph - Rocker Garlic Crusher

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Info: About 7.5 inches long and over 1.5 inches wide

Rock a chef's world with this clever gadget that can quickly crush fresh cloves of garlic and collect it into a serving scoop at the same time. Your hands can stay much cleaner and safer than trying to cut it up with a knife, and it works much better and you can see the progress far more immediately than with some garlic presses. It neatly collects the bits of garlic and the juices in the interior of the tool itself as it minces, so you can simply scrape them off into a pan or wherever they're needed rather than having to sweep them up by some other means, and it's easy to clean.

Suggested Usage:

Place the Rocker Garlic Crusher over a peeled clove of garlic, apply pressure, use a rocking motion, and voila, crushed and captured in the same device for serving!

Easily cleanable, either wash by hand (as shown in this video) or in the dishwasher.
Please note, the body of this product is a type of black plastic, rather than the all-grey model shown in the video.

UPC Code: 5028420200614