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Joseph Joseph Scoop Plus Colander, in Black

Joseph Joseph - Scoop Colander

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Info: Grey/Black in Colour

The name says it all: the Scoop Colander is a large* serving scoop with holes in it, to allow for colander-like, immediate drainage of hot liquids or oils when you fish something out of your pot to serve it, such as dim sum, dumplings, or perogies; potatoes or vegetables; stir fry items; or even pasta (particularly the short-cut, decorative cuts, and stuffed varieties).

Product Notes:

The Joseph Joseph Scoop Colander eliminates both the need to lift heavy pots or pans in order to drain the boiling water or hot oil from your food before you can serve it (leave that to the washing up person, after it's cooled!), and the need to wash both a strainer or colander and a separate serving utensil. It's dishwasher safe; safe to use with non-stick cookware; and has a large opening on the end for hanging.

* This utensil is over 13 inches long altogether, with an oval-shaped hanging loop. The scoop head is over 5.5" long, and 2-1/8" deep, at its deepest point, and up to 5 inches wide, at the back (and 3-inches wide for much of its main bed)

Underside of new Black Scoop Plus colander The Scoop Colander also has two small hooks on the front underside of the scoop, so it can be perched flat over a pot to drain (as shown in the right-hand photo, below).

Suggested Usage:

Grey and Black Scoop colanders draining vegetables and pasta
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