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Jotti - Smooth Leather Care Kit

Jotti - Smooth Leather Care Kit

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Info: 100ml Jar of Leather Balm and a 3" Diameter Sponge

Made from environmentally-friendly and skin-friendly raw natural materials, Jotti leather balm (Lederbalsam, in their native German) is an ideal treatment for all types of smooth leather boots or shoes, of any colour, and also for a wide range of other genuine leather items. It can also be used to shine up and protect smooth artificial leather from water marks or damage.

Benefits and Uses:

• Nourishes, maintains and protects smooth leather in one operation;

• Keeps the leather supple and breathable;

• Prevents the formation of water marks from the snow, rain, or puddles along the edges or seams...or removes, them too;

• Can also be used to maintain and protect many other types of genuine leather items with smooth surfaces, including: belts; pants; vests; jackets; soccer or other balls; horse bridles or saddles; furniture; or car dashboards.


Made with real and pure beeswax in DAB 10 Quality, plus lanolin (wool oil), to prevent water penetration.

Contains no: solvents (which can be harmful to our health), or silicone oil (which can make leather brittle and cracked).

Suggested Usage:

Simply apply the leather balm to the surface to be treated with the enclosed sponge. The shine will set in after it dries.


Patch test the item in a non-visible region prior to doing the whole thing to ensure it works as expected.

UPC / Barcode: 4260219070256