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Joya Caesar Chocolate Brown
Joya - Caesar (Men's Shoe)

Joya - Caesar (Men's Shoe)

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Info: Available in Numerous Sizes in Black or Chocolate Brown

This fresh shoe with a Full Grain Leather upper and Leather lining offers a classic style with a modern twist for even the most fashion-conscious of orthopedic shoe wearers.

Product Notes:

The black model* offers a more formal option, while the chocolate brown version keeps it a touch more casual. The stitching down each side is reminiscent of retro sneakers, while the sleek leather finish keeps it sophisticated and up to date. While being ahead of the game in style, Joya continues to offer superior comfort and performance with this shoe, which features a Soft-Style sole on the Joya Index (now called the "Emotion" Sole Category), to enable a beneficial, yielding effect as you walk, which can help strengthen your leg and back muscles.

*The black model is all black, except for the flat stainless steel eyelets, and a grey layer in the sole, and the heel tab is a 'pewter' shade of grey.

Limited stock remaining; Final Sale.

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