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Joya David in Olive and Stone Colour Schemes
Joya David in Navy Colour Scheme

Joya - David (Men's Lace-up Casual)

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Info: Available in 3 Different Colour Schemes

When facing the gigantic problems of everyday life, you want footwear equal to the task of facing giants; what you want is David, a soft style shoe by Joya, subtle but with slingshot accuracy in targeting your needs both in comfort and style.

Product Notes:

Please note, we are only able to ship footwear orders within Canada.

For the deep Olive coloured model pictured at top with notes of coffee brown and light tan laces, these shoes are subtly reminiscent of camouflage but stylish enough for a smart casual look. The Stone colour scheme pictured below it has grey-toned laces, toe and back of the heel areas and other sections, with a silvery, ventilated mesh portions in its middle areas (which can take on a slightly different hue, in different lighting). Either way, like all Joya shoes, they're immensely comfortable.

Upper: Full Grain Leather, Leather
Lining: Textile, Microfiber
Insole: Ortholite Support
Joya Index: Soft·Style, formerly called Senso·Style, 
                  and now called Emotion

Care & Cleaning: Remove coarse dirt from the shoe using a shoe brush. Apply the neutral waterproofing spray to the material and once it has dried restore the fibres using a special rough leather rubber or brush. The Joya sole can be cleaned using a little lukewarm water and a sponge. Do not use any cleaning agents as the sole may be damaged by them.

Product Options:
Olive 8 US (Eur. 41) - $270.00 - UPC: 7640162269322
Olive, 9 US (Eur. 42 1/3) - $270.00 - UPC: 7640162269346
Stone, 9-1/2 US (Eur. 43) - $270.00 - UPC: 7640162265980
Olive, 10-1/2 US (Eur. 44 1/3) - $270.00 - UPC: 7640162269377
Navy, 11 US (Eur. 45) - $270.00 - UPC: 7640162266178
Stone, 11-1/2 US (Eur. 45 2/3) - $270.00 - UPC: 7640162266024
Olive, 11-1/2 US (Eur. 45 2/3) - $270.00 - UPC: 7640162269391
Stone, 12 US (Eur. 46 1/3) - $270.00 - UPC: 7640162266031
Olive, 12-1/2 US (Eur. 47) - $270.00 - UPC: 7640162269414
Stone, 12-1/2 US (Eur. 47) - $270.00 - UPC: 7640162266048