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Joya Tony, in Black
Joya Tony, in Brown

Joya - Tony (Men's Casual Shoe)

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Info: Limited Sizes, in either Night or Brown colour

Meet Tony, the shoe you've been looking for! Dark enough not to be overpowering but with fashionable stripes that speak to comfort rather than pretension, Tony is Joya's casual soft style shoe, perfect for work, school, or simply going for a stroll. Joya's advanced technology ensures the excellence of these shoes for comfort and health even while incorporating a style that lets you fit in and stand out at the same time!

Product Notes:

Composition of the Night (Black) Color Models:
Upper: Velour Leather
Lining: Textile
Insole: Ortholite Support
Joya Index: Soft·Style (now part of the Emotion Sole category)

Limited stock remaining; Final Sale. Please note, we are only able to ship footwear orders within Canada.


There are also several sizes of the Brown style of this shoe, which feature a breathable 3D mesh on much of its upper, with diamond patterns from silver-coloured thread, as shown.

Product Options:
8-1/2 US (39-2/3 Eur.) (Night) - $260.00 - UPC: 7640162269490
9-1/2 US (43 Eur.) (Brown) - $260.00 - UPC: 7640167122592
9-1/2 US (43 Eur.) (Night) - $260.00 - UPC: 7640162269513
10 US (43-2/3 Eur.) (Night) - $260.00 - UPC: 7640162269520
11 US (45 Eur.) (Night) - $260.00 - UPC: 7640162269544
11-1/2 US (45-2/3 Eur.) (Night) - $260.00 - UPC: 7640162269551
11-1/2 US (45-2/3 Eur.) (Brown) - $260.00 - UPC: 7640167122639
12.5 US (47 Eur.) (Brown) - $260.00 - UPC: 7640167122653