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Jude's Miracle Cloth

Jude's Miracle Cloth

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Info: 1 Original Miracle Cloth (White)

Wet it. Wring it. Wipe any surface and walk away. Jude's Miracle Cloth is woven from the finest European microfibers a hundred times finer than a human hair, which can pick up oils and dirt without scratching or streaking. Best of all, these eco-friendly cloths clean using only water (and a bit of elbow grease) -- there's no need for window washing fluid or harsh cleansers. And in most cases, you can simply rinse it out and hang it up for it to be primed and ready for its next minor miracle!

Product Notes:

a Jude's Miracle Cloth in a woman's hand, preparing to wipe something

Streak-free. Spot-free. Lint-free.

Try as we may, it can be a real struggle to truly clean clear or shiny surfaces like windows, mirrors, TV screens, computer monitors, eye glasses, kitchen counters, and stainless steel appliances without leaving scratches, streaks, spots, or residues behind -- including bits of fluff from the cloths themselves (especially those infernal paper towels!). But now anyone can, with a Miracle Cloth!

Care Instructions

For many applications, you can simply thoroughly rinse it in water and hang it to dry before the next use. But if it becomes really dirty or has picked up oils or grease, it's best to wash it before its next use. It can be hand washed in the sink with any dish soap or detergent. Or put it in the washing machine in up to 200F (95C) hot water -- but only wash it with lint-free items, as the lint and fluff from towels, e.g. can transfer onto the cloth, and may cause streaking and pilling afterwards. Hang to dry.

Cautions: Do not wash with fabric softeners, as they would coat the fibres and may cause streaking, and limit the cloth's absorbency. If you accidentally do so, please wash it again right away to remove the fabric softener. Similarly, putting it in a dryer would shorten its life, and attract lint or fluff and may cause pilling, which could lead to streaking.

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