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Prepara - The Juiciest Juicer

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UPC Code: 851684003784

Info: Glass Bottom, 5 Ounce Capacity

This hand-operated juicer makes it fast and easy to extract virtually every last drop of fresh citrus juices for your morning juice or evening drink(s).

Product Notes:

The thick, high-quality glass base holds up to 5 ounces (148 ml), and the removable, BPA-free plastic top accommodates lemons, limes or oranges up to 4 inches in diameter; simply slice them in half and push down and give them a bit of a twist.

The ridged cone or reamer's drainage flutes have been specially engineered to squeeze out over twice as much juice as rival products, so all that will be left will be the pulp, peel, and seeds. This device also comes with a handy storage cap, so you can save and store any leftover juice in the fridge for cooking with or sprinkling on a salad the next day, e.g.

UPC Code: 851684003784