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Kolder - Glass Mix-n-Measure

Kolder - Glass Mix-n-Measure

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Info: 2 Cup / 400 ml Capacity; Large Black Lettering

The Multi-Purpose Mix 'n Measure Glass isn't just a measuring cup with 6 sets of measurements, or a 16 ounce pint glass -- it's both. You can use it for mixing drinks, of course, but also for assembling the ingredients for -- and then the vessel for drinking from, if it has to be blended or shaken in another receptacle -- smoothies or protein shakes, or for mixing the chemicals you need for sterilizing a hot tub, or for fertilizing your garden, etc.

Product Notes:

Made of heavyweight, transparent glass with a thick base to greatly reduce the chance tipping, it has permanent, lead-free markings of Teaspoons (rising by 3's, up to 72); Tablespoons (rising by 1's, up to 24); Ounces (rising by 1's, except for 1-1/2 -- a jigger size; it and many other common alcohol terms are shown); Cups (with quite a number of fractions shown; the 2 Cup/16 oz. marks are given at the top, but not labeled); Milliliters or Liter portions (starting at 10 ml and in 25 ml units thereafter); and even Grams, for measuring dry weights of either Sugar or Flour (with two sets of units, since the former is twice as dense). It's dishwasher safe (although hand-washing is recommended).

Care and Usage Instructions:

Hand wash. Do not use abrasive products (either to wash with or to measure), to avoid obscuring the interior. Do not microwave.

UPC Code: 686497261249