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KoMo - Fidibus 21 Grain Mill
KoMo - Fidibus 21 Grain Mill

KoMo - Fidibus 21 Grain Mill

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Info: Electric Grain Mill in a Beech Wood Housing

Temporarily unavailable - Due to heightened demand and production issues, many KoMo products are currently unavailable from the manufacturer.

Shipping included in Canada. The Fidibus 21 is a versatile (though somewhat scaled-down version) of its original line of grain mills manufactured in Austria.

Product Notes:

KoMo's Fidibus 21 Grain Mill a bit smaller than some of their other models (standing just a little over a foot high), and although its 250-watt industrial strength motor and self-sharpening grinding stones are amply capable of grinding 100 g of fine flour a minute from softer grains like rye, spelt, and (some varieties of) wheat just like the Fidibus Medium and Fidibus Classic and some of the combination units can, it is not designed for grinding hard grains like rice, corn, or millet, or legumes like beans or chick peas, or coffee beans, like they are.

The Fidibus 21 is quite simple to use, with the on/off switch easily accessible on the bottom right, and the setting for the grind texture (from coarse to fine) being achieved simply by rotating the hopper bowl you fill with grain on top to the left or right to align the large black dot on the metal band on its bottom to the desired position on the scale on the top of the front of the main housing below.

Its hopper holds enough grain to make over 1 kg of whole grain bread. Very little cleanup is required, and it's really quick and easy to get at the stones in the milling chamber (no tools are needed).


Milling rate: wheat, finely ground, 100 g (3.5oz)/min
Noise level with spelt, finely ground: approx. 70 dB
Capacity of hopper with wheat: 850 g (29.98 oz/1.87 lb)
Weight: 6.2 kg 13.67 lb
Millstone (corundum/ceramic) diameter: 75 mm (2.95")
Max. height of bowl at spout: 116 mm (4.57")
Electric motor size: 250 watt
Dimensions (H x W x D): 324 x 153 x 213 mm (12.76 x 6.02 x 8.39 inches)
Warranty: Limited, 12 year.


The KoMo Fidibus 21 Grain Mill housing is made of combination of solid beech and beech plywood; the funnel is made from solid beech. These wood surfaces are treated with organic vegetable oil to prevent them from becoming dehydrated.