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KoMo FlicFloc Flaker with glass receptacle in place
KoMo FlicFloc Flaker without the glass receptacle
FlicFloc Manual Flaker with an inset of a child turning its handle
Table of Specifications for KoMo FlicFloc Flaker
Top view of FlicFloc Manual Flaker in use

KoMo - FlicFloc Manual Flaker

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Info: Manual Flaker

Shipping included in Canada. Do you like freshly-rolled oats for your morning oatmeal? If so, KoMo's FlicFloc manual grain flaker is for you! The FlicFloc represents an entirely different approach in design and engineering to grain flaking. Rather than using standard cylindrical rollers, the FlicFloc utilizes tapered stainless steel rollers rotating on ball bearings. Turning the crank literally becomes child's play. Simply secure the FlicFloc to a table with the supplied clamps, fill the hopper, and start turning! A glass receptacle is supplied for the output.

Product Notes:

Freshly flaked grain retains the healthy nutrients and oils, making your morning breakfast more nutrient dense and healthful.

Most commercially flaked grains and oats are steamed to prevent rancidity, damaging many of the delicate nutritional oils and nutrients.

Once you have made your breakfast porridge (granola, etc.) from freshly flaked grain, you'll taste and feel the difference.

In addition to this manual model, KoMo also produces the FlocMan Electric Flaker, and also offers this model combined with your choice of two electric mills, as the FidiFloc. Alternatively, another European company, Ankarsrum offers a flaker attachment for their Ankarsrum mixer.

UPC / Barcode: 9120043060524