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KoMo - Flour Sifter for Electric Mills
Komo Flour Sifter for Electric Mills
KoMo - Flour Sifter for Electric Mills

KoMo - Flour Sifter for Electric Mills

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Info: Flour Sifter Attachment

Due to heightened demand and supply chain issues, this is one of the many KoMo products that has become temporarily unavailable in Canada. It is expected to become available some time in 2022, but the exact date still unknown).

This cylindrical KoMo flour sieve fits on almost any electric KoMo grain mill (all except the Jumbo model), which lets the finer-grained white flour pass through the screen on its bottom as it spins, while holding back the bran (which you can then use in muffins or other recipes). It comes with three interchangeable sieve inserts, in medium, fine and extra fine mesh sizes.

Product Notes:

Shipping included to most locations in Canada.

KoMo grain mills are great for wresting every last bit of the grain into a nutritious whole grain flour, but for some types of baking such as making delicate pastries, the best results are achieved using pure white flour.

This unit comes with three interchangeable sifting screens, of Fine, Medium and Coarse grain (whose openings are 0.63, 0.8, and 1.25 mm in diagonal), which you select depending on the type of flour you are sifting and which components you want removed.

See KoMo's videos for an overview of how to insert and change the screens (please note, they are in German).

The entire device, which consists of a Plexiglas cylinder with a Beechwood top and bottom (and a metal screen and two small brushes and other parts in the bottom), is about 11 inches high, altogether, including its base. It has a 3 year limited warranty.

Any type of grain flour can be used in this sieve, not just wheat – anything from spelt to rice to maize. Simply attach one of the mesh screens to the bottom; fit the device onto your grain mill; fill the cylinder with the flour to be sifted (it can hold up to 400 grams at a time); turn on your mill; and watch as the finely sieved flour drops out of the outlet at the bottom (as it is swept over the mesh screen by two small brushes rotating at the bottom of the cylinder), leaving the bran or more fibrous material behind, remaining in the cylinder.

UPC / Barcode: 9120043060791