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KoMo 1 Chamber Granary, showing different stages of its use
KoMo 3 Chamber Granary

KoMo - Granary

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Info: Granary; Available Either with 1 or 3 Chambers

Storage granaries are a necessity for kitchens concerned with using fresh, natural ingredients and keeping them away from pests. A good granary is essential for proper grain aeration while stored, and allows for accurate, easy dispensing, controlled by a stainless steel slide mechanism.

Product Notes:

Komo 2-Chamber Granary

Shipping included to most locations in Canada.

KoMo granaries feature clear, convex viewing chambers or cylinders so the grain levels are visible. They are crafted from a combination of beech veneer plywood housing with Plexiglass viewing windows or tubes, and they all come with mounting brackets.

You can choose between a single-chamber model, which is cylindrical, or the two-chamber or three-chamber grain storage granaries, which are cabinet-shaped, housing either two or three independent cylinders within them.

The one-chamber model has a removable 2 cup container with measurements on it, in its base, for convenient dispensing, and the cylinder in its upper stage can be removed for easy refilling, as shown in its main photo.* Each type has a stainless steel gate at the cylinder, which you swing open to releases just the amount of grain you need at that time.

*(That photo shows the single chamber granary in three stages: first with the newly filled removable chamber about to be replaced on top of its mounted base; then after filling the measuring dispensing container while the storage cylinder is in place; and finally removing that filled measuring dispensing container from the base.)

Specifications for Each Model (Where Known):

1 Chamber Model:
Weight: 1.9 kg (67.02 oz)
Capacity: 2.5 kg (88.18 oz / 5.5 lb)
Dimensions: 25.27 x 5.39 x 5.59 inches (642 x 137 x 142 mm) H, W, D
Warranty: 3 Years

3 Chamber Model (not currently available):
Weight: 5.6 kg (197.53 oz):
Capacity: 13.5 kg (476.19 oz) (Each cylinder can hold 4.5 kg)
Dimensions: 20.55 x 15.91 x 5.59 inches (522 x 404 x 142 mm) H, W, D
Warranty: 3 Years

Product Options:
1 Chamber Measuring Granary - $283.00
3 Chamber Granary (holds about 29.8 lbs) - $372.00