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KoMo Changeable Mill Chamber

KoMo - Interchangeable Mill Chamber for 360W Models

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Info: 3.35 inch diameter Milling Stone for 360W KoMo Models

A 3.35-inch diameter milling stone for use with any of the KoMo 360 watt mills: i.e., the Fidibus Medium, Fidibus Classic, PK1, FidiFloc Medium, and Duett 100 models. This milling stone enables you to process additional items besides grains using your existing mill, such as cereals, coffee, and spices*, without imparting traces of those or their aromas to the grains you usually use the mill for. You can also use it to swap out the original stones when you are grinding something for someone with celiac disease or more extreme gluten sensitivities, to avoid the risk of cross-contamination.

Product Notes:

Milling stone diameter: 3.35" [part of the Interchangeable milling system 360].

* Grinding spices with a KoMo Grain Mill is apt to leave their scent on the stones which will be transferred to whatever is ground up next, so you can avoid that problem if you keep an interchangeable mill chamber dedicated to spices on hand.