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KoMo Changeable Mill Chamber

KoMo - Interchangeable Mill Chamber for 360W Models

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Info: 3.35 inch diameter Milling Stones and Chamber for 360W KoMo Models
(Currently Unavailable)

Unfortunately, this KoMo mill chamber is one of many KoMo products temporarily unavailable in Canada due to heightened demand.

Product Notes:

This kit includes a pair of 3.35-inch diameter milling stones and the chamber to hold them to be used with any of the KoMo 360 watt mills produced since 2011: i.e., the Fidibus Medium, Fidibus Classic, PK1, FidiFloc Medium, and Duett 100 models. This will enable you to process additional types of foods besides grains using your existing mill, such as cereals, coffee, and spices*, without imparting traces of those or their aromas to the grains you usually use the mill for. You can also use it to swap out the original stones when you are grinding something for someone with celiac disease or more extreme gluten sensitivities, to avoid the risk of cross-contamination.

Item includes one interchangeable milling chamber insert made of silicone (that portion is dishwasher safe); a set of 2 millstones (made from corundum-ceramic); a bristle brush, for cleaning (see installation instructions below); an Allen key; and a wire to help with the installation.

This product is warrantied for 3 years.

* Grinding spices with a KoMo Grain Mill is apt to leave their scent on the stones which will be transferred to whatever is ground up next, so you can avoid that problem if you keep an interchangeable mill chamber dedicated to spices on hand.

Installation Instructions

Steps 6 through 8 of installing the KoMo interchangeable mill chamber1. Disconnect the device.

2. Turn the hopper of the mill counter-clockwise (towards the Coarse setting) as far as you can, until you can remove the hopper.

3. Remove the upper millstone.

4. Retain the bottom millstone, and remove the screw in the centre with the Allen key (included) by turning it clockwise (it has a left-handed thread); remove the disc and the block while doing so.

5. Take the wire included with the kit and position it under the bottom millstone so you can pull it upwards (keeping both sides of it uniform as you do so) to remove it; in doing so, the brush of the millstone should be positioned towards the outlet.

6. Clean the milling chamber and the outlet with the brush.

7. Insert the milling chamber insert, starting from the outlet.

8. Insert the bottom replacement millstone with the disc, block and screw, and tighten the screw counter-clockwise by hand.

9. Put on the upper replacement millstone.

10. Mount the hopper.

11. Perform the fine adjustment as described in your mill's operating instructions, in order to find out the finest adjustment (it might deviate from the original set point).

12. Set the desired grinding degree.