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KoMo Proofing Baskets

KoMo - Proofing Baskets for 1 kg of Dough

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Info: Basket for Forming Dough; Available in 2 Shapes

"Proofing" baskets are for forming rising bread dough into uniform shapes before baking it. These proofing baskets by KoMo are available in two different shapes -- round or oblong -- and can hold about 1 kg (or 2.2 pounds) of dough. For those who favour a traditional Germanic loaf look, these untreated Rattan rising baskets leave light grooves in the surface of the dough; if you would prefer not to have those show, you can line the basket with linen, rather than just flouring it.

Product Notes:

Dimensions for each type:

Round Proofing Basket: 3.5 inches high, and 8.5 inches in interior diameter at the top, tapering to about 5-1/4 inches at the very bottom of the interior.

Oblong Proofing Basket: 2.5 inches high, and 14 inches long at the top (13-1/4 inch interior) and up to slightly over 6 inches wide in the middle (5-1/2 interior), tapering to about 11-1/4 inches long by 3 inches wide at the bottom of the interior.


Untreated Rattan (which comes from certain types of Palm plants, which are more of a vine, like Bamboo, than trees).

Suggested Usage:

Sprinkle the baskets with flour, then place the bread dough in the basket and cover with a clean cloth while the dough rises.

Product Options:
Oblong - $34.99
Round - $34.99