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Kurundu - Organic Pure Ceylon Cinnamon Tea

Kurundu - Organic Pure Ceylon Cinnamon Tea

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Info: 25 Tea Bags in a Box, Totaling 50 Grams

For those who want the health benefits* of genuine cinnamon tea but lack the time or inclination to prepare it by boiling the actual sticks in hot water for 10 minutes on the stove, this is the next best thing, which does it more conveniently with just a cup of boiling water, in half that time. This is made from 100% Grade C4 Ceylon cinnamon -- that is, true cinnamon, not the cassia type which many use to flavour other sorts of tea -- and is USDA and CU Certified Organic, encased in unbleached tea bags.

Product Notes:

* Cinnamon is an excellent antioxidant, which also has antibacterial properties and provides vitamins and minerals such as manganese and calcium. Cinnamon can help increase glucose metabolism, and drinking cinnamon tea after a meal can help dampen the blood sugar peak if the meal contained carbohydrates or sugars, which will be of particular interest to those with Type 2 diabetes.


difference between sticks of Ceylon Cinnamon and standard cassia cinnamon

100% Ceylon Cinnamon, Fair Trade & Organic. Naturally caffeine free, with no artificial ingredients or added colours.

True Ceylon Cinnamon has a much smoother taste and finer texture than the thicker bark of cassia cinnamon, and is also much safer on the liver.

Suggested usage:

Use one teabag per cup. Add boiling, 100°C water, and steep for a minimum of 5 minutes. Longer steeper times results in sweeter tea.

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