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kybun Luzern 17 Caviar shown from outer side
kybun Luzern 17 Caviar shown from inner side
kybun Luzern 17 Caviar shown from rear

kybun - Luzern 17 (Women's Ballet Pumps)

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Info: Caviar Colour Scheme; Sizes Eur. 34-1/3 to 43 (US 5-11.5)

Ballet pumps (which are visually similar to ballet shoes and expose the entire top of the foot after the toes, but have closed counters to give structure at the heel area) have become a fashion staple for women. Right at the midpoint between smart and casual, they're prized not only for their versatility -- you can wear them almost anywhere (from walking the dog to upscale restaurants) without looking out of place, if you select the right style of upper for you -- but also for their comfort and ease of use, since they don't overheat and just slip on or off. But many come just as flats, which provide almost no shock absorbency and tend to exacerbate rather than relieve any muscle or joint pain or mobility issues you might have. The Luzern 17 Caviar rectifies that deficit quite nicely, providing what may be the world's most comfortable and practical -- yet still eminently stylish -- ballet pump in fine black leather.

Product Notes:

Please note, we are only able to ship footwear orders within Canada.

Featuring a wholecut, subtly pebbled, black matte upper, lightly accented by a pebbled patent leather on small heel tab and on the 3/4 inch wide covered Velcro strap over the instep to ensure a secure fit and stable footing, situated atop the fantastic kybun air-cushion sole, this shoe can be enjoyed by fashionable women of any age. But don't let the Luzern's good looks fool you -- it's not just a leisure shoe; it can also be used daily for long work shifts, such as in the service industry, as illustrated in the video below.

Upper material: Leather, synthetic leather
Lining: Mesh, microfibres
Insole: Split leather, mesh
Sole: PU, Stratus/Slim Fit

This shoe is likely named after the German spelling of the city and canton of Lucerne in central Switzerland, along with the year (2017) this alternative model came out, which has a different style lining and newly designed straps, compared to the original Luzern Caviar.

Sizing Advice

Kybun provides a standard sizing table geared towards their original wider "Comfort" sole, which entails measuring the actual length of your foot. Its recommended sizes are likely still fine for Slimfoot sole models if you have narrow feet, but for wider feet, some retailers advise that you should probably go either a half or a full size higher than that, depending on which part of your foot is widest. We present an alternate table with those amended recommendations on our Recommended Sizing for some kybun Footwear with "Slim Fit" Soles page. The bottom line for this is simply that if you have fairly wide feet, you should probably just purchase the U.S. or European size you normally wear, even if the regular kybun table suggest a different size for your actual length.

Suggested Usage:

Product Options:
5 US [34 1/3 Eur.] (215 mm long) - $499.00
5.5 US [35 Eur.] (220 mm long) - $499.00
6 US [35 2/3 Eur.] (225 mm long) - $499.00
6.5 US [36 1/3 Eur.] (230 mm long) - $499.00
7 US [37 Eur.] (235 mm long) - $499.00
7.5 US [37 2/3 Eur.] (240 mm long) - $499.00
8 US [38 1/3 Eur.] (245 mm long) - $499.00
8.5 US [39 Eur.] (250 mm long) - $499.00
9 US [39 2/3 Eur.] (255 mm long) - $499.00
9.5 US [40 1/3 Eur.] (260 mm long) - $499.00
10 US [41 Eur.] (265 mm long) - $499.00
10.5 US [41 2/3 Eur.] (270 mm long) - $499.00
11 US [42 1/3 Eur.] (275 mm long) - $499.00
11.5 US [43 Eur.] (280 mm long) - $499.00