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kybun Mendrisio in Black shown from outer side
kybun Mendrisio in Black shown from inner side
kybun Mendrisio in Black shown from rear
Ribbed sole tread on kybun Nimbus or Comfort sole

kybun - Mendrisio (Ankle-High Men's Boots)

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Info: Black Colour; Available in Sizes 39-49 Eur. (6.5 to 14 U.S.)

Whether you're ready to 'graduate' from a more youthful canvas high-top sneaker to a more age-appropriate all-leather shoe you can wear in more professional settings, or you're seeking extra support for your ankles due to a history of injuries, or you simply want driving shoes or an outdoor boot for all but the dead of winter, the Mendrisio fits the bill.

Product Notes:

Please note, we are only able to ship footwear orders within Canada.

kybun Mendrisio boots being worn

The kybun Mendrisio boots are fashionable yet understated enough to wear almost anywhere and will appeal to quite a variety of tastes, while still providing the excellent comfort, stability, shock absorbency, and therapeutic benefits of the kybun air-cushioned sole (which customers attest can help relieve a whole range of health, mobility, or muscle or joint pain issues).

While some may gravitate to this model simply for the understated urban look of an Italian-made ankle boot, others with a history of twisted ankles may seek the extra support of a 'high top' which still has the appearance of a regular leather dress shoe when covered by your trouser cuffs. Plus, it can also serve as an outdoor boot for at least two (if not all three) non-summer seasons in many parts of the country (if worn with thick socks), of course, since its nubuck leather upper is more weather resistant and the ribbed sole on kybun Comfort sole (shown in the fourth photo) provides good traction in a variety of conditions.

"Mendrisio" is the name of both a municipality and a district of Switzerland.

Upper material: Nubuck leather
Lining: Full-grain bovine leather, microfibre, mesh
Insole: Mesh
Sole: PU, Comfort / Nimbus


Recommended Sizing

Even though these boots have a wide sole, the heel box and arch areas of the upper are quite a bit narrower than the bottom part of the actual sole. Consequently, some retailers advise that the Mendrisio actually runs true to the usual U.S. sizes a man would wear, and so recommend that you just select your usual U.S. size. (Except if you tend to alternate between two sizes [a 10, or a 10 and a half, e.g.] depending on the type or width of a shoe, in this case, you should probably get the smaller of your two regular sizes.)

Product Options:
6.5 US [39 Eur.] (250 mm long) - $499.00
7 US [39 2/3 Eur.] (255 mm long) - $499.00
7.5 US [40 1/3 Eur.] (260 mm long) - $499.00
8 US [41 Eur.] (265 mm long) - $499.00
8.5 US [41 2/3 Eur.] (270 mm long) - $499.00
9 US [42 1/3 Eur.] (275 mm long) - $499.00
9.5 US [43 Eur.] (280 mm long) - $499.00
10 US [43 2/3 Eur.] (285 mm long) - $499.00
10.5 US [44 1/3 Eur.] (290 mm long) - $499.00
11 US [45 Eur.] (295 mm long) - $499.00
11.5 US [45 2/3 Eur.] (300 mm long) - $499.00
12 US [46 1/3 Eur.] (305 mm long) - $499.00
12.5 US [47 Eur.] (310 mm long) - $499.00
13 US [47 2/3 Eur.] (315 mm long) - $499.00
13.5 US [48 1/3 Eur.] (320 mm long) - $499.00
14 US [49 Eur.] (325 mm long) - $499.00