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Lekue Savarin mold
filling a Lekue Savarin mold with batter
Placing a Lekue Savarin mold in the oven
remiving a baked item from a Lekue Savarin mold
Dishes prepared in a Lekue deep savarin mould

Lekue - Deep Savarin or Bundt Cake Mold

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Info: 22 cm diameter Bundt-style Cake or Gelatin Mould

A versatile, prettily patterned, black-coloured mould for creating beautiful baked desserts or gelatins. Made of 100% Food Quality platinum silicone which can withstand both high temperatures (up to 428F) and cold, Lekue's Deep Savarin mould is similar in style to a German Bundt cake mould. This rubbery material is non-stick, and does not need greasing (after its first couple of uses), and is very flexible, making it easy to wiggle the cooked caked out of it. You can use it either to create Bundt-style cakes with a stylish French twist, or to mould an array of eye-catching gelatin salads or desserts.

Product Notes:

Dimensions: 22 cm / 8-3/4 inch inner diameter at top; about 5 inches high.


Made of Platinum Silicone, which is Oven-, Microwave-, Freezer- and Dishwasher-Safe, and BPA-free.

Suggested Usage:

Create cakes or gelatins as desired. Find traditional recipes and inspirational ideas from Lekue online.


Do not exceed a temperature of 220 Degrees Celsius (428 Degrees Fahrenheit).
UPC / Barcode: 8420460250272