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Lekue Duo Loaf Springform Mould
Ceramic plate base for the Lekue Duo Loaf Springform Mould
Filling a Lekue Duo Loaf Springform Mould
Detaching one end of Lekue Duo Loaf Springform Mould
Removing both sections of the large Lekue Duo Loaf Springform Mould

Lekue - Duo Loaf Springform Mould with Serving Plate

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Info: Silicone-sided Loaf Mould with Ceramic Base

Breeze your way through baking and/or cooking with a rectangular springform loaf pan by Lékué. Their one hundred percent platinum silicone sides hold in the ingredients to be baked or cooked with ease, enabling perfectly sided loaves (including meat or salmon loaves, as shown below) or cakes, without leaking, and will also easily separate from them without sticking. Extra wide, curved grips on the sides allow for easy, comfortable handling.

Product Notes:

Salmon loaf prepared in a Duo Loaf Springform Mould

The ceramic bottoms of these molds, which are held into place during preparation by a groove in the sides of the silicone walls, also provides a simple yet stylish serving dish which is resistant to scratching, so you can slice the servings right on it.

Composition: Platinum silicone sides; scratch resistant ceramic base; no metal parts to rust.

Sizes, capacities and for the two models:

6" /15 cm length, 11.5 cm width, 8 cm height: 700 ml capacity. (8420460197607)

9.5" /24 cm length, 14.4 cm width, 7.6 cm height: 1500 ml / 6 cup capacity (8420460199663).

Suggested Usage:

Use as desired - no extra dishes required. From the baking to serving this dish does it all. Recipes available on the company’s product website.

Product Options:
6 inches / 15 cm Long - $36.99 - UPC: 8420460197607
9.5 inches / 24 cm Long - $39.99 - UPC: 8420460199663