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Lekue Duo Ceramic Quiche Pan
Fitting the dough into theLekue - Duo Quiche Pan
Removing the silicone ring from Duo Quiche Pan after baking
Removing silicone ring from Duo Quiche Pan after baking
The 28cm Diameter Ceramic plate base for the Quiche Pan

Lekue - Duo Quiche Pan with Serving Plate

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Info: Combination Quiche Baking Pan and Serving Plate, 28 cm (11") in Diameter

Lekue likes to make culinary creation easier and smoother with their smartly designed duo combination of ceramic and platinum silicone. The Duo Quiche Pan features a non-stick, round ring of platinum silicone atop a simple, stylish ceramic base for superior ease of use and difficulty-free de-moulding.

Product Notes:

From the oven to the table, fuss-free, serve your favourite quiches flawlessly! Savour some new recipes from Lekue’s included booklet for fresh and flavourful ideas.

The Lekue Duo Quiche Pan is made from a combination of pure platinum silicone (for the outer ring) and non-scratch ceramic (for the bottom plate).

UPC / Barcode: 8420460199601