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Lekue - Duo Round Springform Mould (15cm Diameter)
15cm Ceramic plate base for the Lekue Springform Mould
Filling the Lekue Springform Mould with cake batter
Placing cut strawberries along the walls of the Lekue Springform Mould
Disassembling the silicone ring of Lekue Springform Mould after cake is made
Showing cake with half the ring of the Lekue Springform Mould removed

Lekue - Duo Round Springform Mould (15cm Diameter)

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Info: Round Silicone-sided Mould with Ceramic Plate Base; 6" (15 cm) Diameter, 1500 ml Capacity

This baking mold can help you easily prepare decadent desserts like cheesecakes or delicate entreés such as muti-layered spinach pies with a perfect presentation, thanks to its two separate materials. The ceramic base provides an elegantly neutral, simple and stylish surface to not only prepare but serve on (it's scratch-resistant, so it's okay to slice servings right on it), while the high quality, non-stick platinum silicone material which composes the siding will seal the batter and/or layers of fillings in without any leaks, both during preparation and baking, and will peel away from the finished form after its done, to leave the sides intact and beautifully unmarred.

Product Notes:

Composition: Platinum silicone sides; scratch-resistant white ceramic base. The pin which holds the sides together is also made of heat-resistant silicone rather than metal, so it will not be subject to rusting. They're dishwasher, oven, freezer, and microwave safe, and BPA-free.

UPC / Barcode: 8420460197577