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Chilled Lekue Ice Cream Molds sitting empty on a table
Lekue Ice Cream Mold, in Green
Pouring fruit liquid into Lekue Ice Cream Mold
Ice Pops emerging from tops of Lekue Ice Cream Molds

Lekue - Ice Cream Mold (Set of 4)

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Info: Set of 4; Available in 2 Colours

Available in sets of four in two vibrant colours (green or yellow), these platinum silicone ice cream or popsicle molds will keep everyone smiling. Nothing is as whimsical and fun as freshly made ice-cream treats or homemade frozen popsicles, which you can fashion with your own healthy ingredients; you're only limited by your available ingredients and imagination.

Product Notes:

Made in Spain, these 8 inch long cones with a sealing top are made of a superior type of silicone which can withstand temperatures all the way down to -60C (or as high as 250C), and is more durable and better able to accommodate rigid items in a mold without getting split than regular, tin-based silicone material is. In addition to being convenient to prepare and transport, they're also very comfortable to the touch, and dishwasher and microwave safe.

Suggested Usage:

Tease tastebuds with fun or fancy frozen treats. To prepare, fill with the makings of a popsicle or ice cream treat (such as a smoothie), or even with yogurt or a pudding, insert cap, and pop it in the freezer, perhaps in its door shelf, as shown in this video. To serve, you simply remove the top, squeeze a couple inches of the treat up from the bottom, and hold the tube like an ice cream cone -- it insulates the fingers from becoming too cold -- and lick or chew a piece off (then repeat, until done).

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Green - $29.99 - UPC: 8420460251002
Yellow - $29.99 - UPC: 8420460251019