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Lekue - Lemon Press
Lekue Lemon Press in use
Lekue Lemon Press
Lekue Lemon Press being used to store leftover lemon in fridge

Lekue - Lemon Press

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Info: Boxed Set of Two

The Lemon Press by Lékué is a two-time international design award winner for its design and technological innovation. Softly contoured to comfortably fit the hand, the lemon (or lime, or small orange) press allows you to easily and neatly squeeze out the desired amounts of juice while keeping your hands and face free from stinging spray or sticky, messy dribbles from the seeds and juice on your hands or the surrounding area.

Product Notes:

Maximizing freshness, the press also doubles as a cover: keeping a seal over the cut lemon, to protect the lemon halves while you refrigerate them until the next use. It's made of highly flexible, high quality platinum silicone, which is quite durable (and BPA-free), and won't get dissolved by or transfer any taste to the juice.

Suggested Usage:

Cut lemons in half in place, and place flat, cut side down into the bottom of the lemon press. Remove cover from nozzle and squeeze into beverages for a bright burst of lemon or when lemon juice is required in recipes. Store lemon presses with lemons intact in the fridge. Dishwasher safe.

UPC / Barcode: 8420460198949