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Lekue Macaron Kit in use
filling the Decomax tool of the Lekue mararon kit

Lekue - Macaron Kit

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Info: 9 Piece Kit

Fancying a dessert with French flair?  Try Lekue's Macaron Kit, containing all the elements you’ll need to get started.  The Kit comes with: a 24 mould macaron sheet / tray; Lekue's Decomax tool [which includes 6 different decorating tips/nozzles]; and a booklet containing five original macaron recipes for a variety of flavours.

Suggested Usage:

Fill your macaron tray by Lekue with whatever tempts your taste-buds. Use the Decomax tool for placing batter into the molds, as well as for piping fillings or frostings.

The macaron tray is  made of pure platinum silicone, and the Decomax is crafted from a combination of platinum silicone and ABS plastic. Yields 24 macarons or other desserts.

UPC Code: 8420460006152