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Lekue Spanish Omelette Maker
Lekue Spanish Omelette Maker in use
Placing a Lekue Spanish Omelette Maker in a microwave
a Spanish Omelette made in the Lekue Spanish Omelette Maker

Lekue - Spanish Omelette Maker

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Info: Microwavable mold, holds 800 ml / 25 fl oz

Say "Hola" to easy omelets! With this Spanish Omelet maker for microwave by Lekue, you can quikly prepare Spanish-style round omelets, frittatas or other round dishes that require two-sided cooking -- even pancakes! You can either prepare plain omelets or add your favourite flavours such as ham or cheddar cheese and fresh herbs to your eggs in this mold, which is made of high quality, pure platinum silicone, which things simply don't stick to. Quick and light, omelets are tasty time-savers that help your healthy eating habits stay on track, especially when there isn't much time for food prep. Smoothly serve a savoury Spanish omelet -- easily, and in just a few minutes!

Product Notes:

Enjoy a fresh omelet fast, microwaveable in minutes, maybe even faster than you can brew your favourite tea! Follow included ideas, or prepare according to whatever ingredients you have on hand.

Made of pure platinum, non-stick silicone. Dishwasher safe.

UPC / Barcode: 8420460002253