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Lekue Steam Case
Readying some kabobs to be microvaved on the Tray of a Lekue Steam Case
Placing a Lekue Steam Case in a microwave
The kabobs which were cooked in a Lekue Steam Case with Tray
Other types of foods on the Tray of a Lekue Steam Case
Other types of foods prepared in a Lekue Steam Case with Tray

Lekue - Steam Case with Tray

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Info: Available in Green, with an Optional Cookbook

Serve 3 or 4 people a healthy, nutritious meal using Lékué’s Steam Case with Tray. Prepare dishes as desired -- either with or without the removable tray, which enables you to steam and store foods with the liquid draining away from the food, when in it's place.

Product Notes:

Made of 100% Platinum Silicone and featuring insulated handles, this microwave cooker has a 1.4 litre capacity, and is 3.2" High, 8.3" Wide, and 10.8" long. It comes with an instruction booklet containing a number of recipes.

Beginner's Survival Cookbook

There is also an optional Beginner's Survival Cookbook available which is filled with tasty and healthy ten-minute microwave recipes which can be prepared in the Steam Case, which would be ideal for either new cooks or those inexperienced with microwaving cooking or who are bored with the ones they have been preparing to date.

Suggested Usage:

Use the included recipe suggestions to steam your way to a savoury and delicious broth infused meal that contains more nutrients than conventional cooking methods. Season food with spices or marinades, use broth or flavour-infused oils as preferred, and steam in the microwave, following the recommended cooking time.

Product Options:
Steam Tray Alone - $59.99 - UPC: 8420460170587
Steam Tray with Cookbook - $79.99 - UPC: 9788415193111