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LightAir - Ionflow 50 Sky Air Purifier
LightAir - Ionflow 50 Sky Air Purifier
rinsing Ionflow collector with water to clean it

LightAir - Ionflow 50 Sky Air Purifier

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Info: Ceiling-Mounted Air Purifier

Free Shipping included in Canada. The LightAir IonFlow 50 delivers the cleanest air in the world with eye-catching beauty. Research shows that a LightAir IonFlow 50 in continuous operation is especially effective in eliminating the smallest particles, which are believed to cause severe health problems. The IonFlow 50 offers an outstanding combination of easy, silent, filter-free, ozone-free, energy efficient, and economical operation that's a great fit in any environment.


Product Notes:

LightAir air purifiers have changed the name of their brand to LifeAir.

Instead of using a filter system to process the air, this air purifier attracts harmful particles in the indoor environment, which then attach themselves to the collector or fall straight to the ground, whereas traditional air purifiers only filter the air that passes through the filter instead of purifying the air in the room where they are placed.

The LightAir IonFlow 50 Sky air purifier is extremely effective. The IonFlow technology used in this air purifier is unique and patented. Tests conducted by SP, the Technical Research Institute of Sweden (the product developer's home country), were carried out in a closed room with a constant supply of smoke particles. The results showed that the IonFlow 50 air purifier eliminated 99.94% of all particles after only 5 hours. The air purifier retains its effectiveness over time, which means that you will be able to breathe air free from viruses, bacteria, pollen, spores, allergens, dust, etc. on an ongoing basis.

A perfect balance between blending in and standing out. Its clean lines, slim silhouette and transparency offer you a stylish alternative to typical industrial-looking air purifiers. The IonFlow 50 could be a nice part of your home, office, hotel, restaurant, school, shop, clinic or more.

How the IonFlow 50 Works:

Most harmful pollution generated both by indoor and outdoor sources is positively charged.

* The negative ions generated by the IonFlow emanate from the unit throughout the room. The patented technology sends out 35,000 billion negative ions per second.
* The negative ions attach to the positively charged harmful particles in the air like dust, pollen, bacteria, mold, pet dander, viruses etc. which accumulate and drop out of the air.
* The positively charged collector attracts the particles and leaves the air clean. Unlike filter-based purifiers, this collector is proven not to lose effectiveness over time. When required, the collector can easily be removed and cleaned.
* Larger clusters of particles not drawn to the collector remain on the floor and out of the air until they can be vacuumed up.

Looking for more information on negative ions? Download Negative ions are Positive [PDF ~0.25 MB]

While some versions of the IonFlow 50 are table-top or floor models, the Sky is a ceiling model, which is perfect if you want it to be out of the way or if you don't have much space. It can easily be hung over your bed, in the children's room, in your office or clinic, etc. The unit itself is 35 cm (14 inches) long (not including the cord) and 13 cm (5 inches) in diameter, and weights 1.4 kg (2.8 lbs), and operates on standard 110/120 AC current with its power adapter.

IonFlow 50 Sky Specifications:

Room size it can purify: 540 square feet / 50 m2
Noise level: virtually silent (less than 5 dB)
Energy consumption: very efficient - less than 7 Watts/hour
Ozone level: Not even measurable, below 0.002 ppm
Certifications: EMC (Electromagnetic Quality) CE, ETL (US), GS, S
Negative ion effect: 250,000 negative ions/cm3 on 1 meter's distance.

Particle reduction: Effectively removes particles from 0.01 to 1.0 mcm [micrometers] in size). Especially efficient at eliminating the smallest and most dangerous particles (nano particles below 0.1 mcm), but also removes larger particles (1.0-25.0 mcm) at a reasonable rate (as shown in performance & test reports).

The IonFlow 50 generates billions of electrons per second from its three corona needles that transform into negative oxy ions when they come in contact with the oxygen molecules in the air. The production of electrons results in a concentration of more than 250,000 negative ions per cubic cm measured from one meter distance, which is more than any other ionizing air purifier has ever attained before as far as we know. The enormous production of ions makes it possible to effectively distribute the negative charge into all corners of a room, which means that all the air in a room will be cleaned from particles not only the air closest to the device.

Video Transcription

We all know that the air outside is full of pollutants. Everyday substances that can be dangerous to our health are released from cars, industry, and even the environment. What you might not know is that when you close your door on the outside world, you don't close the door on pollutants.

Regular ventilation filters often fail to stop both the smallest particles and the residues that break off the larger ones. Small particles are not only the most common, they're also considered the most dangerous to our health.

When they enter your house they join a myriad of other particles that come from yourself, your surroundings and your daily activities.

Small particles can enter your bloodstream through your lungs and mucous membranes where they can cause or aggravate severe health problems such as asthma, allergies, COPD and cardiovascular disease.

Unlike other air purifiers, LightAir uses a unique ionizing technology that is especially effective in eliminating small particles, without emitting ozone as a by-product. LightAir generates billions of electrons per second that transform into negative ions which then charge the particles in the air. Once the particles have been negatively charged they're attracted by the positively charged collector which essentially acts like a large magnet for dirt.

The enormous production of negative ions makes it possible to effectively clean the air in the entire room.

When necessary, the collector can be easily removed, rinsed in water and then re-used. Together with the energy efficient operation, this makes it economically and environmentally viable to keep your air clean and healthy 24 hours a day.

LightAir's stylish and compact design is at home in any environment, a perfect balance between blending in and standing out, and its silent operation guarantees it won't disturb -- no matter what is going on in the room. Take a deeper breath.