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Linda Brooks - Rebounding Instructional Media

Linda Brooks - Rebounding Instructional Media

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Info: Instructional Book or DVD on using a Rebounder

Linda Brooks on a Rebounder

Bounce Before You Jump - An Introduction to Rebound Movement with Linda Brooks was the first true full-length "How-to" video for rebounding, which demonstrates the ABCs of proper rebounding technique in order for you to get more out of your rebounding experience. 

Product Notes:

The 90 page book, Rebounding to Better Health: A Practical Guide to the Ultimate Exercise, features numerous photographs and illustrations on using rebounders, and its chapters include: Therapeutic Rebounding; Weight Training & Athletics; Rebounding in the Work Place, and Rebounding with Disabilities and Handicaps.

Linda Brooks, the former Director of the Vitally Yours Center for Cellular Health was an avid proponent of Rebounders for over 30 years, having written numerous books on the subject, including Rebounding to Better Health and Rebounding And Your Immune System, and thought so highly of the Needak Soft-Bounce Rebounder that she became a distributor for it.

The "Bounce Before You Jump" DVD  from 2012 is not only a great introductory video for the first time rebounder, but it also shows how to create exercise routines to fit your own needs and enjoyment, and provides short workouts for beginning, intermediate, and advanced users. Its topics include:
- How to stand on the rebounder.
- Proper rebound posture.
- How to bounce, jump, and do aerobic movements safely and effectively.
- When to utilize each movement.
- How and when to combine the movement.
- Rebounding for therapy, weight loss, seniors, sports, and aerobics.
- How to use the stabilizing bar effectively.

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Book - Rebounding to Better Health (Softcover) - $14.99 - UPC: 9780964726505
DVD - Bounce Before You Jump - $19.99
Both (1 Book and 1 DVD) - $34.98 - UPC: 9780964726505