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Luma - Zero Gravity Fabric Recliner
Luma - Zero Gravity Fabric Recliner
Luma - Zero Gravity Fabric Recliner

Luma - Zero Gravity Fabric Recliner

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Info: Available with a Standard or Higher Back

If you are prone to back or neck pain or circulation problems in your legs or want to upgrade from an existing manually-operated recliner which you find too difficult or too noisy to switch between positions, consider this high-end motorized recliner manufactured by Positive Posture of Boulder, Colorado.

Product Notes:

This coffee-colored, Bresine fabric covered chair has two sets of buttons on the interior of the chair next to your thighs to activate the two built-in motors** to gradually and very quietly adjust the stool or head rest to the four main positions shown below (although you can personalize it to any position in-between): fully upright, with the stool/leg rest completely retracted; quite a bit back, with the leg rest out, for TV/reading; all the way back, for True Zero Gravity®*; and High Therapy, to elevate the feet while laying all the way back (which you may want to do to reduce swollen ankles, e.g.).

The Luma Zero Gravity Fabric Recliner features full coverage memory foam, throughout the contact areas; two adjustable, removable pillows -- a lumbar support pillow for full lower back support, and a cervical support pillow to bolster the neck and encourage proper alignment of the upper spine; and independently adjustable legs, if you need to level the chair on an uneven floor; and has a 3-Year Limited Repair Warranty.

* The zero gravity position isn't just for general relaxation and literally laid-back comfort: it mimics astronauts' position during take-off, to endure the extreme gravitational pull of space-travel by placing even weight across the body. This position can help reduce the back pain you may have developed from standing all day or which you may get from sitting in standard chairs, because it relieves pressure on the spine; and help even out the circulation in your legs by placing them level with the rest of the body.

** The recliner comes with a 12-foot long standard AC power cord to power the dual motors, and also incorporates a battery backup feature, in which you install two standard 9-V batteries so that the chair can return to the normal position even if there is a power failure.

Chair Dimensions:
Width 32.5" (82.5cm)
Height 45" (114.3cm) standard v.;
48" (121.9 cm) (Tall v.)
Upright Length 36"h (91 cm)
Reclined Length 56"h (142 cm)
Net Weight 118 lbs (54 kg)
Chair Body Dimensions (Boxed) 35"(89 cm) L x 33.5"(86 cm) W x 25"(63.5 cm) H
Chair Back Dimensions (Boxed) 28"(71 cm) L x 36"(91 cm) W x 12.5"(32 cm) H
Chair Body Weight (Boxed) 108 lbs (49 kg)
Chair Back Weight (Boxed) 29 lbs (13 kg)
Leg Rest Adjustment Range From full vertical (down) to same plane as seat pan (up)
User Weight Limit 285 lbs (130 kg)
Upholstery Premium stain resistant Bresine fabric
Memory Foam Made from Polyurethane and CA fire retardant. Does not contain TDCPP, TCEP or TDBPP. Meets REACH regulations.
AC Power Cord Extra-long 12 foot power cord with cord control
Power Outage Assurance Battery backup (requires two 9-volt batteries)
Power Requirements
(USA and Canada Recliners)
120 Volts AC / 60 Hertz
Endurance Testing Standard
(Recline and Leg Rest Actuators)
Over 100,000 cycles
Factory Certification ISO
Actuator Electrical Certification UL

Product Options:
Standard Back - $2,999.99
Longer Back (for those 6'1"+ Tall) - $3,191.99