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Luminarc Measuring Glass

Luminarc - Measuring Glass

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Info: Green Tinted Glass with Scales in Red Lettering

You could just use this as a fairly attractive 19.5 ounce capacity soda, beer, mixed drink, or smoothie pint glass which can provide a lot of visual diversion and instruction on how the metric and imperial systems and the densities of various types of foodstuffs line up, of course. But chances are you'll often take advantage of its multiple scales for measuring how the dry weights of these common types of added ingredients your recipes may call for translate into volumes, and happily use it to easily dispense the appropriate amounts of: Rice, Sugar, Flour, Semolina, Starch, and Cocoa (with a series of scales going up by 50 g for each of those), and of course any types of liquids (with graduations of 50 ml/5 centilitres and 2 ounces intervals, plus 1/4 pint marks).

Product Notes:

Made in France, the Luminarc Measuring Glass has durable colours (but should probably be hand washed, to preserve the lettering), and is extra resistant to chips, and is even microwavable.

UPC Code: 883314372397