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Manta Sleep - Modular Sleep Mask

Manta Sleep - Modular Sleep Mask

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Info: Sleep Mask

The World's first modular sleep mask, Manta is designed to upgrade your sleep and life with a personalized fit. With two types of adjustability, Manta molds to fit your unique face, enabling a secure, customized, personalized, and comfortable fit. It works for 99% of all face shapes, providing 100% blackout for your entire sleep cycle. No more hair-pulling. No more pain. No more pressure on your eyelids. Experience the comfort of a personalized fit and get a great sleep wherever and whenever you need.

Product Notes:

Our sleep cycle is attuned to light, which turns our brain's production of our natural sedative melatonin on or off, so the best way to get and stay asleep is in total darkness. But that's not always feasible, especially if we're traveling, or we need an afternoon nap, or need to sleep past the crack of dawn. That's where sleep masks come in -- but they're not all created equal. Sadly, many 'one-size-fits-all' types don't really fit anyone well, and either let in a lot of light, or slip off as you roll around. Others tug at the hair when you pull them on or off, and many rest directly on the eyelids, which can interfere with your Rapid Eye Movement (REM) phases which are so crucial to restorative sleep. The Manta Sleep Mask, the World's first Modular Eye Mask, has a number of individual components which solve all those problems.

Photo/Diagram Features / Description
Diagram of Dimensions for Manta Sleep Mask Diagram of Dimensions for the Manta Sleep Mask: it extends up to 710 mm long when fully laid out, which will fit 99% of all head sizes (it should be able to accommodate even that maximum circumference of 710 mm, since there are two elasticized sections which will stretch to increase the usable length of the fastening strap). The oval-shaped hollow eyepieces are 85 mm across and 70 mm high, each, and can be lifted and reset in place anywhere from 0 to 70 mm apart on the underside of the mask.
Hollow Eyepieces for Manta Sleep Mask The hollow Eyepieces for the Manta Sleep Mask cup over the eyes, so they won't press on the eyelids to impair REM sleep. Their interior is made of hypoallergenic, breathable cotton to foster a cool, comfortable fit.
hands undoing micro-Velcro strip fastening strap on Manta Sleep Mask The adjustable strap is fastened with micro Velcro strips, which have smaller hooks and loops, which will not stick to your hair or cause painful hair-pulling.
Silicone Grip Pad for back of head on Manta Sleep Mask The grip pad on the inside of the back of the mask is made of silicone to prevent the strap of the mask from slipping off the back of your head during sleep.
Diagram of how Tapered Sides enhances fit for Manta Sleep Mask The Manta Sleep Mask has tapered sides, whose luxurious foam contours snugly conform to the side of your face, to make it more comfortable if you sleep on your belly or your side.
Mesh Net Pouch for Manta Sleep Mask The dual-purpose storage and laundry pouch can significantly extend the life of your Sleep Mask by airing it out when not in use or during travels, to improve hygiene and prevent odour buildup, and by functioning as a laundry mesh net, enabling you to machine wash it without damage.

Suggested Usage:

Wear it to help get or stay asleep if the room you sleep in has inadequate window shades or too much ambient light; or if you need to sleep during the day, whether for a nap or because you keep irregular hours, such as shift work.

Care Instructions:

Machine wash in cold water, using the included mesh bag. Do not bleach. Lay out flat to dry. Do not iron.

UPC Code: 865374000205