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760 ml Masonware Beer Mug
15 oz Oasis Drinking Tumbler with Handle

Artland, Inc. - Masonware Beer or Soda Mugs

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Info: Available in-store in 445 ml or 760 ml Size

Looking for a modestly priced Father's Day or housewarming gift? Or want to be able to give someone some art they can actually use? How about a vintage-style Masonware Beer or Soda Pop Mug? Both types have a 2-1/2" wide mouth mason jar opening. They're both dishwasher safe, and a lot tougher than your average glass. (No lid included, but it should be no trouble finding one that would fit, should you so desire.)

Product Notes:

The medium-size (15 oz) one stands 5 inches high and will hold a whole can of pop, plus some ice, with its 445 ml capacity.

The larger one holds up to 760 ml (25.7 US ounces), stands nearly seven inches tall, and has a stout 3-1/2 long curved handle for quaffing your favorite stout.... or root beer, lemonade, slushy, or indeed any other cold beverage.

Product Options:
15 oz Oasis Drinking Tumbler w/ Handle - $3.25 - UPC: 635452104053
760 ml Masonware Beer Mug - $6.50 - UPC: 635452104138