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Mastrad Qwik Wisk Universal Mixer
several uses for and positions of Mastrad Qwik Wisk Universal Mixer
adding vegetable oil to a Mastrad Qwik Wisk Universal Mixer preparing a salad dressing
Pouring out the top of Mastrad Qwik Wisk Universal Mixer container

Mastrad - Qwik Wisk Universal Mixer

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Info: Whisking device integrated with 300 ml container

A quick and easy mixer to whip up salad dressings, mayonnaise, sauces, foamed milk or whipped cream, or even to beat egg whites. Simply pour ingredients into the partially-opened emulsifier lid, twist to close; and push and pull the twin D-shaped handles to spin the whisk in its core for perfect mixing. Container holds slightly over 300 ml / 10 ounces, and shows measurements in both metric and imperial. The nonslip base doubles as a lid for storage when the stainless steel whisking rod is removed. Especially useful for mixing salad dressings from your own natural ingredients free from chemical additives.

Product Notes:

Clear glass container with metric and imperial fluid measures; green silicone top and bottom. 18 cm in height.

UPC Code: 885902269089