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Mastrad - Tea Strainer/Infuser/Sprinkler
two uses for the Mastrad Tea Strainer
Sprinkling cocoa with the Mastrad Tea Infuser

Mastrad - Tea Strainer/Infuser/Sprinkler

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Info: Stainless Steel & Green Silicone Tea Infuser

This small (about 15 cm. long) dual-purpose device from Mastrad is primarily designed to serve as a strainer or infuser for making a single cup of tea (including loose leaf), but it can also double as a sprinkler for adding fine powders such as icing sugar or cocoa to other drinks or desserts.

It combines a fine mesh stainless steel screen bowl bottom with a pliable silicone bowl top at the end of a spring-loaded handle, so it can hold a tea bag or loose tea in a small circle while it steeps in the hot water in the cup, and enable you to press down on the top to wring every lost drop of flavour out, without having to touch the dregs directly or spill any into the liquid.

This design also facilitates applying fine dry powders rather than steeping liquids, as shown below.

Product Notes:

The silicone tip and insulation on the handle of our product are green (as shown in the main product photo), not black (as shown in the two insets).

This item is made of food-safe, highly heat-resistant silicone and stainless steel, and has an ergonomic and ambidextrous design. It's easy to clean, either under a tap or in the dishwasher. If you set it down upside down with the silicone cup at the bottom after or in-between uses, the contents of the main bowl won't drip.

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