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a Mastrad Topchips Chips Maker Tray in use
Parts of the two types of Mastrad Dual Tray Topchips Maker Kits
Mastrad Dual Tray Topchips Maker Kit (in use)
Mastrad Single Tray plus Mini Mandoline Topchips Maker Kit (in use)

Mastrad - TopChips Maker Kit

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Info: 2 Types of Kits Available: With 2 Trays; or with 1 Tray Plus a Food Slicer/ Mini Mandoline

Do you like dehydrated apple slices, which are tasty and nutritious and easy to carry, without getting bruised or spoiled? Or like potato chips -- if only to deliver your favorite dips -- but regret all the fat and salt they contain? Or want your kids to eat more fruits or vegetables at school, without it getting too banged up or wilted by the time they get to it? Then it's time to make your own top quality chips with the incredibly easy to use TopChip maker!

Product Notes:

To prepare top chips, simply make thin slices of the selected fruit or vegetable,* lay them out on the tray, and pop it in the microwave for a few minutes. The water will evaporate both above the slices and below (through the many holes in the surface of the silicone tray), leaving the chips just crispy and dehydrated, with their nutrients still in them, rather than cooked -- and without using or adding any oil or fat or preservatives.

These TopChips trays will fit in pretty much any microwave (with a diameter of 10-3/4 inches: about the size of a small pizza), and can either be hand washed or placed in the top-rack of the dishwasher. You can even stack and use up to 3 of them at once, if you are preparing a lot at once for a party or a whole family.

Suggested Usage:

* (Besides potatoes, apples, pears, or mangoes, Mastrad also recommends making chips with sweet potatoes (yams) and carrots, but not with beets.)

Instructions are included in the box, and the company also has a recipe book, but the basic instructions are these:

1. Peel fruits or vegetables (unless they are a thin-skinned fruit such as apples or pears whose skin you don't mind eating dehydrated).

2. Make uniform slices of the raw fruit or vegetable about 1mm / 1/32" thick, with either the enclosed food slicer or an equivalent.

3. Place the slices evenly (without overlapping) on the TopChips tray - as is (with no oil on top; seasoning such as salt or cinnamon is optional, usually afterwards).

4. Place in the microwave and cook on high for about 3 minutes (depending on the microwave strength and the type of food: it takes 6.5 minutes for mango slices).

5. The trays can be stacked on top of each other (as shown in main photo) and cooked simultaneously, if desired (which takes 30 or more seconds more per additional tray; only up to 3 trays can be used at once).

6. Let the items cool for at least 30 seconds before removing them from the tray to serve.

Product Options:
Set of 2 Trays - $24.99 - UPC: 885902645012
1 Tray plus Food Slicer - $29.99 - UPC: 885902646019