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MiracleLED - Relax LED Light Bulbs (2-Pack)

MiracleLED - Relax LED Light Bulbs (2-Pack)

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Info: Package of Two 9-Watt LED Bulbs

Relax: Unwind for a peaceful night. Works with your body's natural sleep cycle. MiracleLED is proud to introduce Nature's Vibe, the next generation of home LED lighting technology. Stop counting sheep, and get to sleep! The Relax Sweet Dreams Nighttime LED light bulbs are uniquely manufactured to capture the setting sun's last remnants of daylight. This soft yellow slice of daylight has been shown to work with your body to help you fall asleep fast, by cuing your natural melatonin production, rather than suppressing it as brighter or fuller spectrum lamps tend to do.

Product Notes:

For more information on the connection between light and sleep, read 'The Blue Light Switch for Improved Sleep' by Nathan Zassman.

Miracle LED Nature's Vibe: This new line of LED light bulbs are specially crafted to capture and replicate the colour, intensity, and lighting benefits of outdoor sunlight at key points throughout the day; all without any of the harmful side-effects of prolonged exposure to damaging UV rays. This particular model keys in on the colours of a gentle sunset (for the supper hour in late fall).

Ease into the night with gentle tones of evening sunlight that won't interfere with your sleep cycle.

The Relax Sweet Dreams Nighttime light bulb works with your body's natural sleep cycle by emulating the peaceful warm glows of a setting sun. This produces a serene atmosphere that is naturally conducive to putting your mind at ease, and your body to rest.

Miracle LED - Save Energy - Save Money

Part of MiracleLED's Almost Free Energy (AFE) line of hyper-efficiency lighting products, replacing a single traditional incandescent light bulb with the Nature's Vibe light bulb can also produce a savings of up to $49 dollars a year in operating costs! (It costs just $1.08 a year to operate 3 hours a day, at the hydro rate of 11 cents per kWh, compared to the $50 it would cost to run a 60 watt incandescent bulb with an equivalent 600 lumens brightness).

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* 9W Relax bulb effectively replaces a traditional 60W household bulb.
* Same shape, size and fitting as a traditional bulb.
* Luminous Flux: 600 lumens
* Useful in overhead or furniture fixtures.
* Almost Zero Heat Output
* 1-Year manufacturer's limited warranty.
* 20,000 plus Hour Estimated Lifespan (would work out to 18 years service life, at 3 hours a day).

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