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Mist2Go Mini Nano Atomizer and Diffuser
Display Case of Mist2Go Mini Nano Atomizers

Mist2Go - Mini Nano Atomizer & Diffuser

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Info: Rechargeable Portable Misting Device

Mist2Go is handy little pocket- or purse-sized device with several uses. Its cordless operation and portability make it a versatile and easy to use aromatherapy solution wherever you may be. 

Product Notes:

If you have dry skin, Mist2Go can deliver a delicate mist using just tap (or bottled water) to hydrate parts of your face, which would be a welcome relief, especially while on a long flight! It can also be used to cure, revive, or set up makeup. Some also love how its targeted, extremely fine mist makes it easier to apply eyelash extensions.

The Mist2Go uses nanotechnology to atomize water into an extremely fine mist. This device is about 4 inches high, and a little over an inch in diameter. It has a built-in rechargeable battery, and comes with a charging cable which works with any computer, laptop, or charger with a standard USB connection. It also comes with a carrying bag with a drawstring, which is large enough to carry a small bottle of essential oil along in, as well. It even has a small built-in mirror (on the top of its cap).

Suggested Usage:

To Charge: Be sure the unit is empty of liquid while charging. Attach the small end of the USB cable (included) to the unit, and the other to a standard USB port on a computer, charger, or other electrical device capable of charging or running phones or other USB-powered portable devices. The red light on the Mist2Go indicates when the unit is charging; if there's no light while it's connected to a working USB power source, that indicates it's fully charged. Do not leave charging or connected for more than 10 hours, to prevent overheating. The unit may arrive at least partially charged to begin with, though.

To Operate:

To Fill: First remove the top cap (the upper third of the unit, where the raindrop-shaped see-through ports are), by twisting it slightly, counter-clockwise, then pulling up. Then fill the clear plastic reservoir with up to 20 ml (0.68 fl oz) of cool tap water or bottled water, plus a drop of essential oil, if desired (but do not use carrier oils, to avoid gumming up the unit, and also avoid citrus essential oils, which could harm  the plastic reservoir). Replace cap.

To Use: Slide the 1-1/2 inch long switch on the front of the base down to begin misting (it emits from the small round metal diffuser area the slider switch uncovers when activated). A light blue / violet light indicates it's in use. Slide the switch back up, to stop. (20 to 30 seconds may suffice, for most uses.) The unit will automatically shut itself off after 3 minutes of continuous use.

To Clean: Empty and rinse the container thoroughly after each use. For a deeper clean, use hot water. Use a cotton swab to clean small areas, then wipe dry with a soft cloth.


Fill with cool tap or bottled water only. Use a maximum of 1 drop of essential oil per 20 ml of water.

Do not use while charging.

To prevent overheating, do not leave charging for more than 10 hours.

Do not spray essential oils intended for external use into the eyes or mouth.

 Do not store in a hot and humid environment.

UPC / Barcode: 628949072515