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Multiflask - 1 System, 6 Bottles

Multiflask - 1 System, 6 Bottles

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Info: Containers hold 22 oz., 11 oz., and 13 oz.

With 9 interchangeable components, the Multiflask is 6 beverage containers in 1. Simply slide the glass or Tritan™ polymer inner shell into the tough and durable Tritan™ outer shell for a double-walled container that is perfect for holding hot and cold beverages. Then use one or more of the other components to personalize your beverage: the fruit infuser, the tea strainer, or the agitator (for powdered beverages). Use the spout lid for water or cold sports drinks, and the sipper lid for hot drinks. Interchangeable decorative bands let you change the colour to match your mood, and a silicone base pad that absorbs shocks allows the interior glass shell to survive a 5 foot drop.

Product Notes:

BPA-free, Recyclable, Dishwasher Safe.
Tritan™ Outer Flask = 22 oz.
Tritan Inner Shell = 13 oz.
Glass Inner Shell = 11 oz.

Suggested Usage:

Use interchangeable parts to make this product 6 beverage containers in 1; for hot beverages, filtered beverages, cold beverages, insulated cold beverages, fruit-infused beverages, and powdered beverages.
UPC Code: 676932002025