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front of Multiflask 1 System, 6 Bottles box
reverse of Multiflask 1 System, 6 Bottles box
three configurations or uss of the Multiflask 1 System, 6 Bottles system

Multiflask - 1 System, 6 Bottles

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Info: Containers hold 22 oz., 11 oz., and 13 oz.

With 9 interchangeable components, the Multiflask is 6 beverage containers in 1. Simply slide the glass or Tritan™ polymer inner shell into the tough and durable Tritan™ outer shell for a double-walled container perfect for holding hot and cold beverages. Then use the other components to personalize your beverage: the fruit infuser; the tea strainer; or the agitator (for powdered beverages); with a spout lid for water or cold sports drinks, or a sipper lid for hot drinks.

Product Notes:

BPA-free, Recyclable, Dishwasher Safe.
Tritan™ Outer Flask = 22 oz.
Tritan Inner Shell = 13 oz.
Glass Inner Shell = 11 oz.

Use the interchangeable parts to make this product six beverage containers in one; whether for hot beverages, filtered beverages, cold beverages, insulated cold beverages, fruit-infused beverages, or powdered beverages.

This Multiflask system comes with several interchangeable decorative bands to change colours to match your mood, and a shock-absorbing silicone base pad to enable the interior glass shell to survive a 5 foot drop.

UPC Code: 055705242378