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Nasaline Junior Nasal Rinsing System

Nasaline - Junior Nasal Rinsing System

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Info: Includes Nasal Rinser & 10 saline packets

Nasaline is a gentle, easy-to-use, nasal irrigation device. Doctors recommend nasal irrigation to treat symptoms associated with colds, the flu, allergies, or sinus related infections. Under doctor supervision and direction, Nasaline is also an effective tool for use in the follow up treatment to sinus or nose surgery. Nasaline can also clean and soothe nasal passages after prolonged exposure to dry, dusty, or smoky environments.

The patented silicone tip is designed to fit snugly in most children's nostrils (for ages four up to twelve). The tip produces a gentle swirling stream when the saline solution enters the nose, washing away harmful, irritating particles. Simply fill the Nasaline syringe with saline solution and experience drug-free relief from everyday nasal and sinus ailments.

Product Notes:

Distributed by Squip, Inc., USA (Swedish Quality and Innovative Products).


1 Nasal Irrigator, 10 saline packets, and an Instructional Fold-Out (in a cartoon manual).

Suggested Usage:

Instructional booklet inside. Please see video for the adult version of Nasaline - Nasal Rinsing System, linked below


Product intended for children between the ages of four and twelve years old.
UPC / Barcode: 894321000746