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Squip - Squeezie or Nasaline Junior Nasal Rinsing System
Nasaline Junior Nasal Rinsing System

Squip - Squeezie or Nasaline Junior Nasal Rinsing System

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Info: Choice of Two Nasal Rinsing Systems; Both Include Saline Packets

Doctors recommend nasal irrigation to treat symptoms associated with colds, the flu, allergies, or sinus related infections. The Squeezie and the Nasaline Junior are both gentle, easy-to-use, nasal irrigation devices designed to rinse your nose and sinuses with saline solution - whether delivered in a traditional syringe shape or in one shaped somewhat like an elephant-head. Their soft silicone tip is designed to fit snugly in most children's nostrils (for ages four up to twelve), and the Squeezie can be used by adults, as well. They produce a gentle swirling stream when the saline solution enters the nose, washing away harmful, irritating particles, and helping to reduce congestion and sinus pressure.

Product Notes:

The container for the saline fluid in the Squeezie is made of a super-flexible material that also has anti-bacterial properties. It is very easy to grip, and can be used one-handed, delivering a continuous, high volume stream under controlled pressure.

Under doctor supervision and direction, the Nasaline Jr. is also an effective tool for use in the follow up treatment to sinus or nose surgery. Nasaline can also clean and soothe nasal passages after prolonged exposure to dry, dusty, or smoky environments.

Both items are distributed by Squip, Inc., USA (Swedish Quality and Innovative Products).

What's in the Box:

NäsaKleen Squeezie Package Contents: Squeezie Bottle; 50 pre-measured saline packets; and Instructions.

Nasaline Junior Package Contents: 1 Nasal Irrigator, 10 saline packets, and an Instructional Fold-Out (in a cartoon manual).

Suggested Usage:

The Nasaline Junior is intended for children between the ages of four and twelve years old. The Squeezie can be used both by children and adults.

Squeezie: Fill the Squeezie with warm distilled or sterilized water up to the "fill line". Mix in one saline packet from the top. Attach the cap and tip, and shake the Squeezie to mix the saline solution. Place the silicone tip firmly against the nostril, and slowly rinse the nose by gently squeezing the bottle.

Nasaline Junior: Simply fill the Nasaline syringe with saline solution and experience drug-free relief from everyday nasal and sinus ailments. There is a more detailed instructional booklet inside. For a video illustrating its operation, please see the adult version of the Nasaline - Nasal Rinsing System.


Consult a physician prior to use if you suffer from ear or sinus conditions. Do not use if your nasal passages are completely blocked or if you have an acute or a new ear infection. Discontinue use if you feel pressure in the ears.

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Squeezie (Includes 50 Saline Packets) - $15.95 - UPC: 894321000449
Nasaline Junior (Includes 10 Saline Packets) - $24.99 - UPC: 894321000746