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Natura - NaturaProtect Pillow Cases

Natura - NaturaProtect Pillow Cases

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The NaturaProtect Pillow Case is made from machine washable, durable 100% cotton that's soft, smooth and breathable enough to enable a comfortable sleep, and has been infused with a Natural Silver Technology barrier to guard against dust-mites, mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria. You can also get a combination pack which includes a bottle of that Natural Silver spray, to bolster its effects after repeated washings, or to use on other types of bedding, clothing, or stuffed animals, etc.


The NaturaProtect Spray which comes with the Queen sized case contains Water, 100% Natural MicroSilver BG, and Green Tea Scent.

Product Notes:

We spend a lot of time on our pillows, and impart a lot of hair, skin cells, moisture, and more onto them in the process, which gets absorbed by them and provided fodder for dust mites, whose byproducts we then breathe in, often causing allergic reactions -- unless we either encase the pillow in plastic (which can make for a hot and noisy sleep), or use a protective pillow case.

Product Options:
Queen - $29.99 - UPC: 628285900022
Queen, with MicroSilver Spray - $39.99 - UPC: 628285951307
King - $39.99