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240ml bottle of Natural Plantation Purslane Fruit/Vegetable Wash
Purslane Fruit and Vegetable Wash Refill (500ml)

Natural Plantation - Purslane Fruit/Vegetable Wash

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Info: Currently Available Only in the Refill Size

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure ... so how about getting 17 ounces of it? Eating fresh fruit and vegetables is a great way to stay healthy, but unless we've grown them ourselves in an environment-protected greenhouse or remote area, there's no telling what's on them, be it insects, bug or bird droppings, pesticides, or the residue of smog or chemicals from the air. To ensure our food is pure and clean, there's no substitute for rinsing with an all-natural liquid castile soap.

Product Notes:

Purslane Fruit & Vegetable Wash from Natural Plantation has been laboratory tested for its efficacy in cleansing fruits and vegetables.


Saponified oils of coconut, palm, olive, castor and purslane, glycerin plant based thickener, essential oils of lemon and grapefruit seed oil.

All natural ingredients. No chemicals or additives.

Suggested Usage:

For produce you think is relatively clean to begin with, add just one or two pumps of liquid wash to a half sink of water (ensuring the sink is clean, first), and wash you vegetable and fruits squeaky clean.

For more thorough cleaning, add 4 to 6 squirts to a half sink of water and soak your produce, rice, etc. for 10 minutes.

Meats, lettuce, and strawberries should be soaked for 30 minutes.

Different products can be soaked together in the same water/wash solution -- except for meats (which should not be done in combination with the vegetables, fruit or grains).

Product Options:
500 ml (17 fl oz) Refill Bottle w/Flip-Top Closure - $27.99 - UPC: 837922000432
240 ml (8 fl oz) Pump-Action Bottle (Currently Unavailable) - $14.99 - UPC: 837922000340