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four Vision Therapy Eyewear models in display stand
Natural Vision - Vision Therapy Eyewear
Sporty Model 505U Natural Vision glasses

Natural Vision - Vision Therapy Eyewear

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Info: Bates Method Pinhole Glasses. Available in Four Models

This eyewear was developed by ophthalmologist Dr. William Bates, who noticed his patients' eyes got progressively worse after wearing glasses. He found that glasses prevented the eyes from healing and that spectacles with tiny holes would re-educate the eyes on how to see clearly and naturally.

Product Notes:

Dr. Bates' theory was that because only limited light rays pass through the tiny holes and straight into the eye, a clearer image would be formed. These glasses are fitted at 6 metres and 20 feet so you can see far. But don't try reading something just one foot away with this eyewear, because the image become 20 times too strong when read at that distance.

Suggested Usage:

Wear this eyewear when you are reading or watching TV. Take a vision break for 1-2 minutes after every 20 minutes of reading, computer work or other activities.

Product Images:

Natural Vision Model 503S (Small) Natural Vision Model 801L (Large) Natural Vision Model 601XL (Extra Large)
SMALL, Model 503S LARGE, Model 801L EXTRA LARGE, Model 601XL



Do not wear outdoors or when playing a sport, as peripheral vision may be hindered. Never look directly into the sun with these spectacles.

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Small (Model 503S) - $29.99 - UPC: 879434005031
Large (Model 801L) - $29.99 - UPC: 879434008018
Extra-Large (Model 601XL) - $29.99 - UPC: 879434006014
Sporty (Model 505U) - $39.99 - UPC: 879434005055